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Ms. Ashley- Director

Hello, my name is Ashley and I’m the Director at All About Kids of Montgomery. I have been working with All About Kids of Montgomery since its opening in January of 2010. While attending school for work in the medical field, I discovered that my true passion was working with children and I have been here ever since! I just completed my CDA with a focus in Pre-school, ages 3 to 5 years old.  I live in Loveland with my family including my two huskies. My favorite thing about working with young children is watching the children develop into themselves, their personalities and character.  I believe in and support our wonderful staff here and their dedication to our philosophy of “Learning through Play” and to the children and families we serve.  I look forward to working with your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to stop by the front desk to chat.

Hours: 7:00am-5:00pm

Public Relations

Ms. Makayla- Management Team

Hi, I’m Makayla and a member of the Management Team, as the Administrative Assistant!  I have worked in the education field for several years, but began my career in the Early Childhood Field last year when I joined All About Kids.  I’m excited to be a part of this team and continue to help where I can.  You may see me assisting in the classrooms through out the day, as well as managing the front desk in the evenings.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

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Ms. Kristan- Management Team

Hi, I am Kristan.  I am part of the Management Team, named as the Curriculum Coordinator for All About Kids Montgomery, since 2022.  I began my profession in the Early Childhood Education field in 2017 and just earned my Infant Toddler CDA!  I am very excited to work with and support the wonderful staff and families here, to best meet the educational needs and goals for the children through our philosophy of “Learning through Play”, our curriculum,  and meaningful lesson planning and implementation.  I am also excited to be getting married this summer!  Please stop by, my office door is always open.

Public Relations

Ms. Jill- Center Cook

Ms. Jill grew up in Loveland and is still proud to call it home! She has 10 years of culinary experience before joining All About Kids. In her free time she enjoys teaching children at her church, travelling, and taking her dog for walks! Her favorite aspect about children is how much energy they have and their positive outlooks on their days.  Ms. Jill not only keeps our bellies full with yummy food, but also fills our hearts with her genuine loving personality.

Public Relations

Ms. Nadia- Infant Teacher

Ms. Nadia is very excited to be a continued part of our team, since early 2021!  She is a mother to five children and enjoys camping and concerts. Ms. Nadia loves working with children, especially the infant age group. She and our Infant Team of Teachers, by working closely together with families, help each child grow through their early developmental milestones with tenderness and care. We love Ms. Nadia’s welcoming smile first thing in the mornings!

Public Relations

Ms. Trinity- Early Toddler Teacher

Ms. Trinity started her career in the Early Childhood Education field with us back in 2018!  She has always worked in our older infants and continues to be a pillar of dedication and knowledge for this age group.  She facilitates our philosophy of “Learning through Play” by creating meaningful exploration opportunities for the children.  Ms. Trinity is also the mother of two, who keep her smiling.  We love Ms. Trinity’s positive attitude and sense of humor.  Stop by and say hello, She is very excited to get to know you and your children.

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Ms. Nanci- Toddler Teacher

Ms. Nanci graduated from cosmetology school, but decided to change her profession to childcare. She has been in the childcare field for well over 5 years, most of them here with us! We are very excited that she pursued and earned her Infant & Toddler CDA this past year, as she is vital part of our Toddler Program.   In her free time, she loves to spoil her puppy!  Her favorite part about working with young children is seeing the smiles of pure and innocent joy on their faces and watching them grow and develop into their preschool years. Ms. Nanci enjoys making a difference in the lives of children of all ages and we appreciate her in making a difference here with us!

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Ms. Payal- Toddler Teacher

Ms. Payal is a passionate Early Childhood teacher and has  years of experience working in education, since 2019 here with us! She lives in Loveland with her family, and is a mother herself. Her teaching philosophy is “children first”; she believes each child is unique in his or her own way and encourages children to become free thinkers, explorers – “Learning through Play”, and to have an open mind. She appreciates the interests of each child, what drives them, and to then instill knowledge by engaging them in those interests. She also knows that personal attention to each child is important, as well as respect for the child.  With all her passion as stated above, she and the Toddler Team of Teachers in classrooms 6 and 7 ensure that the children are well prepared to head into our Preschool Program.

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Ms. Natalie- Preschool Teacher

Ms. Natalie lives in Loveland with her husband and has 3 adult children. She has taught preschool for several years and the past 5 years here with our center.  She is the essence of our Preschool Program, setting the standard high.  Ms. Natalie’s preschool classroom is the epitome of our philosophy, “Learning through Play”.  She enjoys spending time with the children because they are so sweet and eager to learn. In her spare time, she enjoys doing crafts, going to Zumba, playing volleyball, and reading.

Public Relations

Ms. Varsha- Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Varsha has been in the Early Childhood Education field for 18 years and with our center since 2018.  Ms. Varsha is the cornerstone of our Pre-Kindergarten Program, she focuses on the abilities of each child as they “Learn through Play”.  She believes that children teach you as much as they learn from you. She and her team are very excited to get to know you & your children.

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