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Get to Know All About Kids Early Learning Center Montgomery

If you have a younger child, you want an early learning center that’s going help your child build important traits. And if you have a child who’s already in school, you want a program that’s going to support your child’s education in an engaging way.

At All About Kids Montgomery, we offer a great environment for all of our children. One of the reasons we’re able to help kids of all ages flourish is we place a big emphasis on play. We are also a green learning center, which provides kids with a lot of unique opportunities.

Every Member of Our Montgomery Team is Passionate About What They Do

You don’t have to be an expert in child development to understand the biggest findings from this field. One of those findings is the critical role of play in supporting optimal development.

Throughout multiple decades of research, it has remained clear that kids do best when they’re able to play. Providing lots of opportunity to play is what we’ve built the environment at our Montgomery early learning center around.

When kids have an opportunity to express themselves through play, they learn to be individuals. They also engage in autonomous thinking and take initiative. Play is the best way to help children feel truly confident, secure and happy.

We put a lot of time into finding great professionals who understand how to facilitate play throughout the day. Every child who comes to All About Kids gets to take part in a lot of great activities.

From Toddler Curriculum Through Elementary School, We Keep Kids Engaged

Children as young as six weeks old are invited to come to All About Kids Montgomery. We provide an early toddler care center, as well as programs for kids up to 12 years old. We’re able to provide a great environment for a wide range of ages by following focused curriculum for each age group.

If you go to our philosophy page and then scroll down, you’ll be able to look at the details of our toddler curriculum and all other age groups. As you’ll see, we have very clear goals for each age group. Our curriculum covers everything needed to accomplish those goals.

One common thread you’ll see throughout the curriculum we have for each age group is a commitment to helping kids become great stewards of the earth. We’re actually one of the only green early learning centers in the country. This puts us in a unique position to teach kids about the environment.

We would love to show you all of our center’s green features and talk to you in person about the specific curriculum for your child. To make this happen, all you need to do is schedule a tour online.



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